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Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 ~ 24.9 Normal or Healthy Weight
25.0 ~ 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and Above Obese

Everything You Need to Know About Body Mass Index


Ever since the turn of the millennium when most Americans have been classified as obese the BMI calculator has made a rise as one of the tools to compare your weight to a population average. The body mass index is a measure of your body fat based on your height and weight. It's easy and exact forward to calculate your body mass index and compare it to the set average for people in your weight and height range. The body mass index has been medically designed to give average people the ability to better monitor their weight.

- How your BMI score is calculated
It consists only of three inputs from you. To calculate your body mass index, you only need to provide your gender, mass, and height. There are different indexes for different units. You can switch between imperial or metric units. It is designed so that most people can do their body mass index in their homes.

A general table has been compiled to show you visually where you will fit in. After you have entered your weight, height, and gender and is using metric units, you will get a body mass index number between ten and forty- five (anyone scoring above or below ten or forty- five is extremely under- or overweight).

Once you have your body mass index score you can compare it to the following values:

> Under 16 kg/m2
You are extremely underweight. You should try and put on weight in a healthy fashion and see a dietician help you achieve a healthy body weight.

> Between 16kg/m2 and 17kg/m2
You are well under the normal body weight to height ratio. You should consider putting on more weight in a healthy fashion and focus on improving your overall health.

>Between 17kg/m2 and 18.5kg/m2
You have a moderate thinness; it is nothing to be concerned about but if you would like to improve your living standards you can try to put on a little bit of weight.

>Between 18.5kg/m2 and 25kg/m2
This is considered a normal body to weight ratio. If you can maintain this weight or move closer to the middle of this index, you are at your optimum body weight. You have nothing to be concerned about regarding your body weight.

> Between 25kg/m2 and 30kg/m2
You are slightly overweight and should consider dropping a few pounds. It's nothing serious, but it would be best for your health to focus on lowering your body mass index.

> Between 30kg/m2 and 30kg/m2
You are in wnat doctors call, obesity class I. This means you should strongly consider improving your overall health and losing weight.

> Between 35kg/m2 and 40kg/m2
You are in obesity class II. If you are in this class, you seriously consider losing more than just a few pounds. Your weight will affect other functions and parts of your body, and it is of utmost importance for you to lose weight.

> Over 40kg/m2
You are seriously overweight and will be placed in class lll obesity. You have a high risk of weight-related illnesses and will have to make some serious changes to you lifestyle.

- How to interpret your BMI score
These scores are an indication of where you are according to the World Health Organization data for people in you weight and height groups. These scores are not a death sentence and because everybody is different you would want to consider professional help if you fall within a critical segment.

These figures are for people of ages between 20 and 75 years of age. If you fall outside of these age groups, you will not be represented in this data and should also rather consider professional advice if seeking any.

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