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This mortgage calculator is an online calculator that enables you to determine the monthly payment for a particular mortgage. When acquiring a home, most people finance the acquisition with a mortgage. The essence of a mortgage calculator is that it enables a person to determine exactly if he can afford a particular mortgage or not based on the estimated monthly mortgage payment provided by the mortgage calculator.
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Sale Price of Home: (In Dollars)
Down Payment Percentage: %
Length of Mortgage: Years
Mortgage Term (Years): %
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An online Mortgage calculator will accurately determine your monthly payment once you enter some information. The following are the information needed to operate the calculator:

1. Home Price: Home Price is total amount in dollars you will pay for a particular home.

2. Down Payment: This is the initial amount of money you pay to the Home Seller at first instance.

3. Mortgage Term (Years): The mortgage term is the total number of years within which the mortgage is expected to last. This is the duration of the mortgage loan.

4. Interest Rate: The interest rate for a new mortgage can be gotten by checking Bankrate. Bankrate has a mortgage rate table for every location. You can obtain a projected interest rate at Bankrate and insert it into the online calculator. It should, however, be noted that the rate at which you will obtain a mortgage would most likely be determined by your current credit score and rating.

5. Explain Calculations: Click in the checkbox if you need to see complete calculation details.



Although majority of-of people use an online calculator to determine the monthly mortgage payment for a particular mortgage loan, there are other uses for a mortgage calculator. They are as follows:

1. Extra Payment: An extra payment is an amount more than a monthly mortgage payment. An extra payment is usually used to shorten the term of a mortgage. The extra payment functionality of a mortgage calculator helps you determine the best way to shorten your mortgage term with extra payments. The calculator helps you determine when to make the biggest savings if you pay extra payments at a particular time.

2. When to end private mortgage insurance: A mortgage calculator can determine when to jettison private mortgage insurance. The calculator helps you determine when you have 20% equity interest in your home. When you have determined that you have 20% interest, you can request that your lender waives the requirement for private mortgage insurance. This will save you more money.

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