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Open Circuit Test Data Short Circuit Test Data
Voc = Vsc =
Ioc = Isc =
Poc = Psc =
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How to use this calculator?

1. Put data from open circuit test.

2. Put data from short circuit test.

3. Hit the calculate button.


1.Elements of the excitation Rc, Xc

2. Working currrent component Iw

3 Magnatizing current component Im

4. Equivalent serise elements Req, Xeq


Find the equivalent circuit from short circuit and open circuit test data.


Calculation process:


From the open circuit test data

θoc = cos¯1 Poc/(Voc*Ioc)

The excitation admitance is Ye = (Ioc/Voc) ∠-θoc

Ye = B + G

Elements of the excitation Rc = 1/B, Xm = 1/G

Working currrent component Iw = Ioc*cos(θoc)

Magnatizing current component Im = Ioc*sin(θoc)


From the short circuit test data

θoc = cos¯1 Psc/(Vsc*Isc)

Equivalent serise impedance Zse = (Vsc/Isc) ∠-θsc

Zse = Req + jXeq

The series elements are Req, Xeq


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